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How Much Power Will My Solar System Output in Sydney?

Tom Sedgwick
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Solar system output in Sydney depends on a number of factors including your roof orientation, the angle of the panels, the weather, the seasons and the size of your system. Because of this we only use averages as well as guidelines from the clean energy council.

The Clean Energy Council advise that in Sydney a solar system should on average output 3.9 kWh of energy per day for every kW of solar installed, taking into account the seasons and the weather. On any given day this figure could be extremely different.

Enphase North West Output

A 2kW system should output on average 7.8 kWh per day, and a 10kW system 39 kWh per day. Using this figure, a simple yet effective way to estimate the output of a solar system that is installed is to multiply the system size by 4. For example, a 2kW system will generate approximately 8 kWh of power on an average day.

However, it is important to note that output varies considerably across the year as there is on average more sunlight during the summer months compared to the winter months. The sun is much lower in the sky in winter, and so the output your system produces at different times of the year is directly impacted by the angle of your system. More information on this here:  Should I Get Tilt Frames For My Solar Panels? 

The numbers on this graph are the estimated output for a 5kW solar system across the year:

5kW Solar System Output

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