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Tesla App To Allow Customers To Charge Their EV On Excess Solar

Tom Sedgwick
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When we talk about future-proofing a solar system, this is what we mean.

Solar power is no longer just about reducing your power bills – it’s much more than that.

Solar power is the engine that will power your home’s energy management system, integrating clean solar power with battery storage, smart energy management, electric vehicles, and household appliances.

The next era of a Solar Smart Home is coming fast. The upcoming update from Tesla is one we have all been waiting for, and it’s a big pushback against the narrative that EVs have to be powered by coal and other dirty power sources.

Tesla is now going to allow solar households to direct excess solar power into an electric vehicle using the Tesla app. The latest update to the app has been called “Charge on Solar.”

The update has been rolled-out in the US and Canada and we can see from the buzz around the industry that there are some exciting features such as “plug in your vehicle at home during the day to charge using the excess clean energy generated by your solar system.”

Another feature looks really exciting: “Set your charge limits and location and tell your vehicle when and where to charge only from excess solar.”

And to top it off: “Set your vehicle’s battery to charge as usual from any available sources for enough daily driving range. Then reserve part of your vehicle’s battery to charge only when excess solar is available.”

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