Solaray Energy is now 1KOMMA5° Sydney and 1KOMMA5° Melbourne.

Ready to take control of your battery?

Take Back Power From Your Energy Company With Amber for Batteries

Get $50 Credit

Sign up with Amber today and use code 1KOMMA5 to receive a $50 credit.

Bonus 27c/kWh Feed in Tariff (Exclusive to Ausgrid Customers)

Until the end of the financial year, Amber is passing through a 27c/kWh bonus Feed-In Tariff from Ausgrid for all solar and battery exports from 2 to 8 PM. This is on top of their variable wholesale rate.

Battery Optimisation

When the bonus Feed In Tariff ends, you can still make big dollars when prices spike.

At other times when prices are low or there isn’t any sun, Amber will automatically top up your battery at the cheapest time, ensuring you always pay the lowest price.

No Lock-In

Amber won’t lock you in. They have a bill guarantee, and you can turn off optimisations in the Amber App and cash out your credits earned at any time.

Amber For Batteries

Battery Automation & Control Combined With Wholesale Energy Rates

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A Plan Created Just For You

Boost Your Battery With Personalised Optimisation

Amber's SmartShift technology looks at your energy usage, your solar generation and wholesale prices to get more value for your solar while keeping your battery topped up with cheap, green energy.

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Get the best FiT

Maximise Value With Wholesale Feed-In Tariffs

Big energy companies earn a wholesale feed-in tariff when they sell power into the energy market. Now you can get paid the same.

Keep your battery ready for anything by charging up from the grid when prices are low.

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Controls That Suit Your Needs

You're In Charge

  • Direct your battery to work how you want.

  • Select from two automation modes.

  • See everything that matters, including your battery's live plan, usage, costs and impact.

Sign up to Amber and use code 1KOMMA5 to get a $50 credit.

This offer is only available to new Amber customers. If you're an existing Amber customer, please mail the team at