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Trina Solar with Sungrow Inverter

Autumn Solar Sale: Trina Panels & Sungrow Inverters

Solar Price Drop

We've reduced our prices on Trina's 8kW systems and higher so you can save on your solar system when you book today. Hurry though, limited availability only.

Solar Rebates Available

Eligible households can save more with the government solar rebate. For example, a 10kW system can save up to $3,680. The bigger the system, the higher the rebate. Check with our team to see if you qualify.

Produce Your Own Power

Why pay expensive electricity bills this winter when you can generate your own power from the sun and live sustainably?

Quality Installations

All our installations are performed by CEC Accredited Installers, giving you peace of mind. You can book a fast-tracked install to start saving right away.

Lock in our best prices. Request your free and personalised quote:

Trina Solar
Best Value Panel

Trina Vertex S+

With a 25-year product warranty, the 440W Trina Vertex S+ solar panel is one of the most dependable panels on the market, featuring new split-cell technology that is now taking over the solar industry. It has excellent low-light performance on cloudy days, mornings and evenings due to cutting-edge technologies, including advanced surface texturing, back surface field & selective emitter.

Trina Solar
Affordability Meets Reliability

Sungrow Inverter

With a 25-year track record in the solar industry, the Sungrow inverter is one of the top-performing and safest string inverters on the market. Featuring the 5, 8 and 10K-D models, customers who choose a Sungrow system for their home or business can trust that they are dealing with the experts.

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