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Our Ultimate Solar Guide For 2024

Get all the right information before installing a solar power system for your home in NSW.

You'll learn:

  • Why You Should Install Solar Power

  • How To Reduce Your Power Bills

  • What Government Rebates Are Available To You

  • How To Improve Solar Efficiency and Output

  • The Latest Improvements In Technology

  • How To Size Up A Solar System

  • How To Pick The Right Installer

  • A 5kW Case Study

Get access to the most comprehensive solar guide:


A clean, reliable, and affordable energy supply for all is finally here

“Disruption… Smart solar power, solar storage, and home automation are redefining the status quo in Australia’s Energy Market, placing power firmly back in the hands of the household.

1KOMMA5° has been at the forefront of one of the most exciting transitions in the history of the solar industry.”

Jonathan Fisk, Director of 1KOMMA5°

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Solar Power System

Affordable Electricity Through Solar

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Battery Storage

Use Your Own Electricity even at Night

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EV Charger

Utilise Solar Energy for Your Electric Car

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Smart Energy Manager

Optimise Your Grid Power Consumption