Solaray Energy is now 1KOMMA5° Sydney and 1KOMMA5° Melbourne.

The intelligent energy manager
Optimise your home energy usage with Heartbeat

Our Heartbeat energy manager perfectly coordinates your solar system, EV charging, heat pump and battery storage unit and networks your home with the electricity market. In this way, 1KOMMA5° always provides you with the cheapest electricity from the wind or sun.

So you save twice: CO2 and money!


Handwerker installiert Energiemanager Heartbeat

All-in-One App

Intelligent Networking

Access to free electricity

Self-consumption optimisation

Network all your devices intelligently

Large power consumers such as the charger for your electric car or your heat pump are directly controlled and supplied with cheap solar power. In addition, a battery storage unit is used as a buffer, which further extends the availability of your low-cost solar power.

Heartbeat App on iPad
1KOMMA5° App

All-in-One App:

The solar system, electricity storage, EV charger and heat pump are all in one place in the 1KOMMA5° app. This shows you the energy flows in your home live and lets you control them conveniently from anywhere.

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