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Trina Vertex S+ Smart Solar System

Value For Money

With a 25-year product warranty, the 440W Trina Vertex S+ solar panel is one of the most dependable panels on the market, featuring the new split-cell technology that is now taking over the solar industry.

Solar Panel
More Energy

Reduced Resistance Losses

The technology used in the Trina Vertex panel reduces the conduction length by over 50%. Shorter distances mean the panel wastes less energy when generating power. The current is halved on each cell, so there is less heat produced and less energy lost.

Solar panel
High Performance

Maximum Power for Limited Space

The Trina Vertex S+ features a 144-cell module that maximises limited space with a 22% maximum efficiency.

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Low Light Efficiency

Superior Reliability

The Trina Vertex S+ has excellent low-light performance on cloudy days, mornings and evenings due to cutting-edge technologies, including advanced surface texturing, back surface field & selective emitter.

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